Santa Monica City Council on Draft EIR

The Santa Monica City Council voted unanimously at their March 3, 2009 meeting to support the Colorado route, oppose the proposed maintenance yard next to a residential neighborhood, and make a number of other comments on the Expo Line phase 2 Draft EIR (staff report). Here is the city's meeting wrap-up:

Exposition Light Rail Phase 2 - Recommendations for Response to the Draft EIR

In responding to the Expo LR Draft EIR, the Council asked staff to include the following comments:

The Council adopted a policy of support for the “Colorado” alternative as the alignment for Exposition Light Rail Phase 2;

The Council adopted a policy to vigorously oppose the locating the maintenance yard in the proposed location next to a residential neighborhood and to send letters to Board members requesting the Expo Authority to be vigilant and serious about searching for an alternative maintenance yard site that is not located next to a residential neighborhood.

The Council also:

(1) Directed staff to explore with a narrower track width configuration on Colorado Avenue west of 17th Street, to accommodate on-street parking on both sides of the street;

(2) Directed staff to analyze parking needs for each station and return to Council with recommendations before the Expo Authority has finalized park-and-ride recommendations;

(3) Directed staff to work with Metro to obtain a waiver or a revised policy so that riders pay for the use of any parking near rail stations within the City of Santa Monica;

(4) Directed staff to work with the Expo Authority and the bicycling community to resolve the Expo Bike Path routing and address bike access to the stations;

(5) Directed staff to work with the Expo Authority to minimize the visual impact of overhead train electrification wires;

(6) Directed staff to work with the Expo Authority to ensure the adopted budget for the Expo Phase 2 project includes compensation to the City for use of the City-owned property at 4th Street and Colorado.

(7) Directed staff to include comments about access for schools and others to integrate and connect with the LR.

Additionally, the Council adopted a resolution declaring the City’s standards and practices for curb return radii and curb access ramps at street intersections, which will serve to minimize the number of property acquisitions required for the Light Rail project in Santa Monica.


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