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Venice-Sepulveda Option


This option leaves the Exposition right-of-way to run along Venice and Sepulveda Boulevards (lower line on map, stations as wider rectangles).

Venice Blvd. in the 2001 Draft EIS/EIR (Figure 2D-7, left) would have been at-grade and lost one traffic lane in each direction.

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Updated 2/3/09

Here is Venice Blvd., looking west at Culver Blvd. Constricted right-of-way and double left turn lanes between Culver and Robertson Blvds. make this very congested.

The current proposal would not remove lanes, thus requiring bridges here on Venice over Robertson-Culver, and at Overland, Kelton-Sepulveda, and on Sepulveda from Palms to National.

A station is proposed here east of Motor, where front parking (right) and wide parkways (left) — and property takes — would be used to widen the median for at-grade tracks.

This is the proposed bridge over the congested intersection of Venice and Sepulveda Blvds., with aerial station to the right.

These bridges, its mile-longer route, and property takes make this route around $465 million more expensive (2008 $) and 4 minutes slower. (Draft EIR Table 6.2-2 and Page 2-36)

Charnock Road Elementary School borders Sepulveda Blvd. as Overland Ave. Elementary School borders Overland and Northvale Avenues. Tracks would pass here at-grade in the median of Sepulveda Blvd.

This aerial structure with center-platform station on East Capitol Avenue in San Jose gives an idea how the proposed grade separations could look on Sepulveda from Palms to National, with aerial station south of National.

At-grade tracks in the median of Sepulveda Blvd. north of the freeway, plus an additional southbound lane, would require loss of all properties along the east side of Sepulveda, north of I-10. (Draft EIR Appendix G, sheet RW-009)

A station in proposed on the right-of-way at the northwest corner of Sepulveda and Exposition. The concrete plant has been sold for a future transit-oriented development.

Summary of proposed street crossings and stations

Venice-Sepulveda option
Venice/Robertson, Culver — Grade-separate (bridge)
Durango, Watseka, Jasmine — Close crossings (right turns ok)
Bagley, Hughes, Clarington — At-grade crossings
Motor, Midvale — At-grade crossings — side-platform station east of Motor
Mentone, Glendon, Military — Close crossings
Overland — Grade-separate
Kelton, Sepulveda — Grade-separate — center-platform station on bridge east of Sepulveda curve
Charnock — At-grade crossings
Palms, Rose, Queensland, Clover, National — Grade separate — center-platform station south of National
Sardis — Close crossing
Under I-10 at-grade in Sepulveda median
Richland — At-grade crossing
Exposition/Sepulveda — At-grade crossing — station west of Sepulveda

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