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March 14, 2001 (Updated 4/7/01)

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WHO WE ARE: We are an all-volunteer group of citizens who want to extend rapid transit to the Westside along the Exposition right-of-way. 

    Phone:      (310) 393-9025
    Mail:        PO Box 64943, L.A. 90064

OUR NEXT MEETING:  Tuesday, APRIL 3, Hamilton High School, 2955 So. Robertson Blvd., just north of the 10 freeway.  PLEASE COME!
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FLASH!  BREAKING NEWS -- The Environmental Impact Study/Report (EIS/EIR) including the Exposition right of way will be released Friday, March 23rd 30th April 6th. We will obtain copies of the report as soon as it is released and plan to meet the same evening to review the report and plan our response. Let us know if you want to be involved in reviewing the report. 

    There will then be a 45-day public comment period, during which the MTA is planning to hold public meetings to gather responses to the report.

    SAVE THE DATES:  (WE will inform you if any date changes.)

    The MTA Planning & Programming Subcommittee
    will discuss Exposition at their meeting on May 17 June 21, 1:00 p.m.
    The full MTA board will vote on May 24 June 28, 9:30 a.m.
    Both meetings will be held at MTA headquarters downtown, next to Union Station.


    Friends4Expo member Roger Rudick will be heading a group of members
getting signatures from people strolling down the 3rd Street Promenade this Saturday, March 17, beginning at 4:00 PM and continuing as late as we can. Please e-mail Friends4Expo or Roger directly at if you can do table duty on the Santa Monica promenade this Saturday.    

    "Aside from being the potential terminus of the future Expo line," says Roger, "the Promenade is filled with people relaxing who are able to spare a moment or two to sign a petition.  And many will have just gotten off the 10 freeway and hunted around for parking, never a fun experience."


    Do you have a friend who works for a media outlet? Friends4Expo is gearing up to contact the media as soon as the EIR/EIS is released. We would appreciate any media leads you have. Please e-mail or call us with your suggestions and leads. LET US KNOW IF YOU CAN HELP DISTRIBUTE OUR PRESS RELEASE when the EIR/EIS is released.


    The EAST SIDE light rail line EIR/EIS will be discussed by the MTA board at its April 26 meeting.  We are encouraging all Friends 4 Expo supporters to attend in support of this Eastside line.  It will also help us prepare for the May meetings when the Expo EIR/EIS will be discussed.


    Anyone out there like to try his or her hand at an Expo ballad?  We've got at least one movie score composer out there, and certainly many talented others who could write a theme song. 
    Someone has suggested that we simply write new words to the "Charlie and the MTA" song (don't remember the exact title) that the Kingston Trio used to sing.  If we come up with something, it will surely catch media attention when we launch it.  Let us know if you're game!  (Send us an e-mail.)

GOOD NEWS: State Senator Sheila Kuehl has publicly endorsed light rail on Exposition.  She announced her support to a group of Friends4Expo members who met with her in her district office March 9.


    If you or your organization has not yet sent its endorsement of light rail on Exposition, please note that we are now encouraging all endorsers to send their endorsement letter to us at our PO BOX, by fax or by e-mail. We will then forward copies to each of the MTA board members and to the applicable elected officials.
A sample endorsement letter is at the end of this newsletter.


    If you belong to the Westside Village Civic Association, please let us know. A group of Friends4Expo proponents in that neighborhood is hoping to win an endorsement from the Association for the rail line on Expo, and they would like to know about you.
    Since the line would follow Venice Blvd. and then Sepulveda, many residents of the Westside Village Civic Association would live within walking distance from a station.

                     Sample Endorsement Letter

Please send your endorsement letter to: Friends4Expo Transit PO Box 64943, Los Angeles, CA 90064. Phone (310)393-9025   fax (310)393-9810
E-mail: Website:

-----------, 2001

Dear -----------

[Name of group, organization, company, or I] support construction of a light rail line on the Exposition right-of-way.

Traffic in Los Angeles, especially on the 10 freeway, is becoming increasingly congested.  We can ease this problem by building a light rail line from downtown to Santa Monica on land that is already owned by the MTA.

This project would provide enormous benefits to our [employees / faculty, students and staff / congregation/members/all of us.]  By connecting communities along the Exposition corridor to the rest of the Los Angeles region's emerging rail network, this light rail line would [ease our parking and traffic problems/enable us to hire employees from all over the city/allow many more students and faculty members easy access to our campus/increase significantly our members' work, shopping, and cultural opportunities].

With local population expected to increase by the size of two Chicago's in the next 20 years, we need light rail to attract people to public transit -- a goal which bus ways cannot accomplish.   

Popular and proven in an increasing number of American cities, light rail is less polluting than buses and carries more passengers while operating at lower costs.  An Exposition rail line would connect Angelenos of all ethnicities and classes, and open educational, recreational and job opportunities especially to youth, the poor, and the elderly who depend on mass transit.  

The time to act is now. I/We heartily endorse this project, and urge the MTA board and elected officials in Los Angeles   to do all within their power to make a light rail line on Exposition a reality.


Please use your own words wherever possible (choosing from the words in brackets if, however, you copy our phrasing.)

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