California Infrastructure Bonds

Here's how you can help achieve funding and a timely groundbreaking for Expo Line phase 2, the rest of the way from Culver City to Santa Monica.

Governor Schwarzenegger and the state legislature are debating placing an infrastructure bond on the November ballot. Here's an information sheet [PDF] from Metro for more. They will make critical decisions in the next few weeks, which could provide funding for Expo phase 2. Your voice matters!

Best is a faxed letter; next-best is an email. See Contact for fax number and email for legislators near the Expo Line, and maps of their districts. See this list [PDF] for other L.A. County state legislators' fax numbers. Here are key points to write to your State Senator and Assembly member:

  • L.A. County needs its fair share of transportation funding.
  • We need state infrastructure bonds to fund public transit, not just highways.
  • The State should fund projects that counties have made priorities, such as completion of the Expo Line. Please do not set other priorities for transportation funding.

Please also fax a copy of your letter to 213-922-8868 or email to

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