Phase II Improvements from Light Rail for Cheviot

5/9/10email by Light Rail for Cheviot

Supporters of Phase II of the Expo Line:

Light Rail for Cheviot held a meeting May 5 to discuss what it would like to see as Phase II of the Expo Line is built. Supporters from adjacent neighborhoods joined us, so we are calling for these IMPORTANT IMPROVEMENTS now as Light Rail for Cheviot: a Westside Community Coalition!

We strongly urge you to support the following improvements and to contact our council member Paul Koretz and Supervisors Mark Ridley-Thomas and Zev Yaroslavsky and ask them to push for the improvements below.
The other Expo Board members should also be lobbied, and all Board member addresses appear at the end. (When you send emails, please copy us at or

First, PARK NOT PARKING. A greenway, rather than 170 parking spaces, should be developed between Overland and Westwood Boulevards. Parking lots north and south of the tracks would attract more traffic to the adjacent streets including Overland next to Overland School and would impact noise levels and privacy for the adjacent residences. A well-landscaped parkway with educational and water treatment features would be the best use of this land. Expo and our elected officials should explore adding additional parking at the Exposition/Sepulveda and National/Palms stations as well as possibly negotiating with Westside Pavilion/Macy's for parking.

Second, NEIGHBORHOOD STATION ACCESS: SHUTTLES AND BICYCLES. Expo riders will access the Westwood station on foot, by bicycle, and by bus or shuttle. Shuttles should be provided to help move traffic to and from the station and to Century City and other destinations. Bus routes will be re-evaluated immediately after (if not before) the start-up of the rail, and shuttle routes should be introduced in and around Cheviot Hills wherever possible. Plenty of bicycle parking should be provided at the station.

Third, APPROPRIATE SOUND MITIGATION. Final decisions about the height, location, and nature of sound walls should be made in consultation with the neighborhood before construction of the walls. Continuation of the existing eight–foot-high sound wall at Overland School may be appropriate, but, in other locations, walls adjacent to back property lines, shorter walls or green berms might be acoustically adequate and aesthetically preferable.

Fourth, PRESERVE MATURE TREES. The trees on Westwood are landmarks whose removal should be minimized. Station landscaping plans should provide for replacing any that are removed.

We have the power to improve Phase II. But this will only happen if you take action. So please contact your elected officials and Expo Board members and let them know about the constructive suggestions that residents of Cheviot Hills and other Westside communities have to offer!

Karen Leonard and Sarah Hays, co-Chairs of Light Rail for Cheviot

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